How We Rate Our Reviews

At TrueWellnyss, we want you to be comfortable with our product recommendations, guides, and reviews. So this page will help you understand our process and standards when reviewing products.

Understanding Our Star Rating System

1. Quality

The first rating on the left-hand side of our reviews is quality. This value is determined based on how well the product can solve a specific problem. To determine this, we look at several factors. These include:

  • How well the product performs
  • How effective it is
  • Reliability
  • How durable, and robust the product is
  • Quality of ingredients (if applicable)
  • The brand and/or company behind the product
  • Returning Customers
  • Advantages vs disadvantages

2. Price

The second rating you will find is our price rating. This value is not so much determined by how affordable the product is, but the value that it provides in exchange for the price.

For example; A product with a much higher quality rating and a slightly higher price point will have a better star rating than a lesser quality product with a much lesser price point. This is an important determining factor when ranking our products from our reviews.

3. Our Rating

The last value you will find is our own rating. This value is our personal judgement based on our overall evaluation based on the quality and price of the product. We also take into account everything from product research, to positive and negative reviews using a non-biased approach.

Unbiased, Reliable and Current

At TrueWellnyss, we strive to provide our visitors with the most accurate information possible. We do this using a non-bias approach so there is no picking sides over products based on our emotions or feelings, but rather facts. In addition, we audit our posts quarterly to ensure that our content is always up to date, so that you can stay caught up! 

How We Collect Our Data For Our Reviews

We value accurate and honest information. All of our product and research data is collected from the companies who own the product brands, their manufacturer as well as the seller. Although not all of our products are personally tested by us, we ensure that thorough research and analysis is done by looking closely at real-life testimonials, including positive and negative reviews in order to provide the best possible information for our readers.

Trust And Transparency

At TrueWellnyss, we make sure that we are as transparent as possible. This allows us to have an indirect connection and relationship with our visitors. Becoming a trusted resource for people who want to get their health on track using our recommended products is one of our main goals. Your health is our greatest interest at heart.