How To Detox From Sugar The Right Way!

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Whether your desire is to live a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, or improve the look of your skin, doing a sugar detox can provide many health benefits that can be rewarding in every aspect of your well-being. However, like any addiction, cutting sugar can be a challenge, especially when its the centerpiece of your current diet.

So if you want to know how to detox from sugar so that you can finally feel and perform your best, then you’ve come to the right place. We laid out some practical tips and guidelines on flushing out sugar from your body, why you should do it, including answers to some commonly asked questions around removing and managing your glucose levels.

Let’s get started!

Why Do A Sugar Detox?

Consuming large quantities of sugar, – especially added sugar is one of the largest contributors to health problems including diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. The negative health implications of high sugar intake can often take years to surface, and when it does, it is often too late, which is why adjusting and maintaining sugar consumption is important early on.

Those who are used to consuming high amounts of sugar often find it highly addictive, therefore making the habit that much more challenging to break free from. In fact, studies found by the National Library of Medicine show that people who are often under stress are more likely to be hooked on sugar due to a particular negative feedback pathway that is affected by sugar in the brain.

Alongside health consequences later on, there are also short term challenges that come with in-taking too much sugar. Some examples can include low energy levels, poor sleeping patterns, dental challenges, lack of focus, and poor skin health.

Next, we will look deeper into the benefits of implementing a sugar detox and how managing your intake will help you live a healthier life.

The Benefits Of Doing A Sugar Detox

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You probably already heard of some of the risks that come with consuming too much sugar, but what can a sugar detox truly do for you and your body.

Below, we listed 5 health benefits of performing a complete sugar detox and what it can do to your body.


It is no secret that high sugary foods as well as beverages like sodas can pack on pounds if consumed regularly. In fact, studies have shown that high sugar intake is linked to obesity and weight gain. This is primarily due to a lack of insulin stability in the body which causes the fat cells to form and thrive.

A sugar detox can help set you up for significant weight-loss and can even help you maintain a healthy weight by reducing hunger and increasing your metabolism, which is responsible for converting food into energy rather than storing it as fat.

Reduce Excess Body Fat

Since a sugar detox can help you pave the way to weight-loss, it can also help you lose fat in difficult places such as your love handles, tummy, and thighs.

Fat deposits tend to accumulate more in the mid-section of your body due to hormones and inflammation caused by toxins that are found in foods that contain high amounts of sugar. Controlling appetite and suppressing cravings is half the battle when it comes to in-taking fewer calories and when trying to lose excess body fat. 

Natural hormones such as leptin – a hormone that is responsible for letting your brain know when to stop eating – can be a major influencing factor as well, especially in women. Leptin resistance is one of the main reasons for fat loss challenges, especially in women, which is why getting on a diet that focuses on stabilizing leptin levels is highly effective. 

We found that the most effective programs for correcting leptin levels in women is the Venus Factor System. You can read the Venus Factor review for more information on leptin and what the program entails.

Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes

One of the most rewarding health benefits from performing a sugar detox and maintaining a clean diet is it lowers your chances of type 2 diabetes. 

I diet consisting of high carbohydrates such as sugar requires your pancreas to release higher amounts of insulin after eating each meal, causing them to malfunction. Over time, this can increase the amount of insulin resistance in the body, therefore resulting in type 2 diabetes. 

A sugar detox can help you pave the way for living a diabetic free life. However, a single detox won’t lower the risk on its own, but should rather be treated as a launching pad for maintaining a healthy diet consisting of low sugar.

More Energy

Sugars that are added to foods and beverages come in the form of simple carbohydrates. This means that they are digested fast once they enter your bloodstream, which causes a surge or rush of energy. However, when this large volume of sugar is metabolized, it can cause whats known as a ‘sugar crash’.

Maintaining a low sugar diet after a complete detox will help you sustain natural energy for a longer duration of time. 

Rather than relying on foods containing added or synthetic sugar, focusing on healthy fats in foods like nuts, fish, oils, and seeds, will supply your body with ongoing sustainable energy throughout the day without spiking or crashing.

Better Skin

Studies have shown a significant correlation between the foods we eat and dermatology (our skin). This is definitely most certainly when it comes to how much added sugar we consume.

High blood sugar can set the stage for an unwanted molecular effect called glycation, a process that hinders the restoration process of your skin’s collagen – a protein that keeps your skin looking plump and youthful. 

A poor diet consisting of high sugary foods can also reduce skin elasticity and can cause premature wrinkles. 

Luckily, performing a complete sugar detox and maintaining a healthy diet can improve the look of your skin in as little as 2-3 weeks. So, if your struggling with skin challenges, cutting out sugar and focusing on a healthier dieting regiment should be your first plan of action if you are looking to achieve a healthier-complection.

How Long Does It Take Your Body To Detox From Sugar?

How long it takes you to completely detox from sugar is different from person to person. Many factors including how much water you drink, the type of foods your eating, and how consistent you are will all determine how fast your body will remove excess sugar from your body.

If your goal is to transition to a ketogenic diet plan, then it will take some time for your body to adapt and adjust.

During the detox period, you may also experience withdrawals if your sugar intake was excessive, and you will simply have to bear with the process. However, this can be relieved to a certain extent by eating foods that contain natural sugars such as fruits, as sugar is still important in order for your body to produce natural energy.

The bottom line is that there is no definitive answer to how long it will take because everyone’s body responds differently. However, if you stick to a strict diet plan such as the keto diet which focuses primarily on getting energy from healthy fats rather than sugar, then it shouldn’t take more than 3-4 weeks to achieve a good result.

Can You Flush Out Sugar By Drinking Water?

Your body will try to flush out excess sugar through your urine when your sugar levels are high which can also cause you to become more dehydrated. Drinking more water will allow your body to flush out sugar while keeping you more hydrated, and may help to get rid of excess glucose in the blood to a certain extent.

Note that during your detox period, it is important that you space out the amount of water you drink, rather than chugging a large amount in one sitting. Doing so is much more effective since your body works to slowly remove sugar throughout the detox period. 

6 Tips On How To Detox From Sugar The Right Way!

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1. Drop The Soda & Drink More Water

According to, the average recommended sugar intake for men is 36 grams per day, and for women, it’s 25 grams.

Soda can contain anywhere between 20 – 50 grams of sugar for every eight-ounce serving. Therefore, most people who drink soda on a regular basis, are most likely consuming more than twice the recommended daily intake, which puts them at greater risk of heart diseases.

Rather than consuming these beverages which are loaded with synthetic sugar, switch to healthier alternatives such as water. You can make drinking water more interesting by adding cucumber slices, lemon slices, or trying mineral water.

2. Aim For Healthy Fats

Choosing foods that contain good fats rather than bad fats can help reduce sugar cravings throughout the day while helping to keep you more full for longer. Healthy fats also help keep your blood sugars stable and help prevent spiking and/or crashing.

Great sources of healthy fats can include:

  • avocado
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • olive oil
  • sunflower oil
  • fish, such as salmon, trout, and mackerel

3. Load Up On More Protein!

One of the best things you can do is load up on protein, especially when eating breakfast. Doing so will help you fill up your body energy reservoir throughout the day and will prevent you from chasing after foods that contain high amounts of carbohydrates and sugar. 

Adding whole foods that are rich in protein such as fish, nuts, oats, and broccoli will help keep you full and are also a great source of antioxidants for ridding sugar from your blood. Healthy low carb meal replacement shakes are also a great way of getting extra protein and can serve as fantastic alternatives to snacks or meals.

4. Choose Healthy Snacks

Resisting craving can be difficult, but if you have healthy snacks when temptation hits, then you wont have to fetch for sugary foods.

Low carb protein bars are a great example of a reliable source of healthy fats and protein, that can provide your body with everything it needs in order to stay full while helping you detox from sugar.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation is another factor that can cause you to have unnecessary food cravings. Because your body will lack energy from not getting enough sleep, you are more likely to snack on foods containing high amounts of sugar, carbs, and calories.

Moreover, insufficient sleep can reduce insulin sensitivity the following day which can cause your blood glucose levels to become less stable. When this happens, you will be more likely to reach for foods containing sugar and carbs in order to keep your blood sugar.

6. Avoid And Manage Stress

According to more recent studies, when your stressed, you are more likely to crave sugary foods and carbs. This not only makes it challenging to detox from sugar, but is linked to more severe health complications, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

In addition, stress depletes the body of B-complex vitamins which promotes sugar cravings. Magnesium is also a nutrient that is used to stabilize sugar in the blood and can get depleted when stressed.

Final Thoughts

Detoxing from sugar can provide many health benefits that can be rewarding both short term and long term. Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy throughout the day, improve your skin, or prevent health complications down the road, a sugar detox is a great way to target all areas when it comes to your well-being.

Though cutting sugar can be challenging, following our 6 tips will help alleviate cravings and temptations to a certain degree. Discipline and consistency will help you form the right habits so that you can keep a healthy blood sugar profile so that you can live a long and healthy life!