10 Health Tips To help You Get Through Your Hectic Lifestyle And Routine!

How Do You Stay healthy With A Busy Schedule?

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Many will say that having a busy lifestyle makes it next to impossible to stay healthy. This was an excuse that I used to tell people all the time. However, this simply wasn’t true, and it was long before I realized that it was simply a matter of prioritization. 

 I tested every trick in the book in an attempt to get my health on track, and in the end, It all came down to these 10 tips which I believe will give value to others, as they did to me.

Let’s get started…

1. Plan Meals In Advance

Ever catch yourself in a position where you are pressed for time, and you find yourself struggling, figuring out what to eat? Whats the next thing that comes to mind in that moment? Fast food? Junk food? 

Without a  meal plan, It is easy to visit the drive-through and order that juicy burger, or grab that snickers bar from the vending machine. Convenience becomes your enemy.

Awareness around what you are eating goes out the window at this point, and these poor choices eventually become habits, or in some cases, addictions.

Taking 20-30 minutes to plan out your meals for the week will not only save you time, but reduce your urge to make unhealthy choices. 

When planning out your meals, pick foods that are quick and simple to make in advance. This can include sandwiches, salads or anything you can pack into a container.

You can do this in less than 30 minutes in the morning, or if you are truly pressed for time,  you can try finding two days a week to prepare all your meals in advance.

Ask yourself: 

  • Can I prioritize 20 – 30 minutes every week to create a meal plan for the week?
  • Can I wake up early, or find at least 30 minutes to prepare all my meals for the day to save time?
  •  Have I looked ideas on how I can make healthy meals that are quick and take less time?

2. Make The Blender Your Best Friend

Sometimes, whipping up a meal isn’t realistic with the time that you have available.

Whether you are pressed for time in the morning, or you have to stay later at the office, the blender can become your best friend.

Getting your intake of nutrients can be as simple as throwing in some vegetables or fruits and pressing a button. In a matter of seconds, you can have a meal replacement that you can slam down, and be well on your way within minutes.

There are dozens of quick and creative Smoothie recipes that you can make in replacement of full meals.

Personally, I despise cooking breakfast in the morning, Which is the blender is my favorite alternative that I still use every single day before leaving the house in the morning. It is simple, quick, and practical in every sense.

Ask Yourself:

  • Do I have a blender, and if not,  is it worth investing in one to save myself time?
  • How much time can using a blender to replace even 1 meal save every day, every week, and every month?

3. Re-Evaluate Your Priorities

I believe this to be the most important tip on the list, because ultimately, we make time for the things that we truly prioritize. Think about anything that you make time for right now.

Maybe it’s going to the gym, what about your job…or how about staying up to binge watch movies or go out with your friends?

Our priorities will always reveal whether or not we are truly serious about changing our desired outcome.

Take time to sit down and reflect, by writing down the things that are most valuable to you, starting from most important, to least important.

Most of us will put health near the top, but be honest, and ask yourself if you are actually making that a priority.

Remember, we all have a limited capacity and sometimes we need to snip some of those bad habits which are stoping us from actually making our health a priority!

Ask Yourself: 

  • What are my top 5 priorities?
  • Am I prioritizing my health over things that don’t benefit me?
  • What will it take to take action towards making health a priority?
  • If I don’t prioritize my health and well being, how will it effect me and others that are close to me?

4. Get On A Healthy Sleep Schedule

Your ability to manage and push through a crazy lifestyle routine will depend on how much disposable energy you have. 

Making sure that you are getting proper deep sleep, and allow your mind, and body to recover, so you can get ready to tackle the day head on!

A full REM cycle when sleeping is essential for your brain’s short term memory, as well as creating new pathways to store new information.

Additionally, avoiding electronics before bed, proper diet, and exercise, will impact your quality of sleep.

Ask Yourself

  • How much sleep am I getting each night?
  • Is my sleep schedule consistent?
  • Am I using electronics within 1 hour before sleeping?
  • Am I prioritizing my sleep?
  • Am I doing everything I can to get a better deep sleep?

5. Make Your Calendar Your Boss

Time blocking and scheduling can truly be powerful with a busy routine.

Studying the lives of CEO’s and successful entrepreneurs for years on end, I found a common thread that allowed them to lead their day and stay disciplined. They all made their calendar their boss.

It takes a certain level of discipline to time block tasks, including meals, exercise and self time. The second challenge is following through every single day.

Most mobile calendars have a scheduling feature that can allow you to time organize your tasks, as well as set reminders for them.

Living by a calendar will avoid second-guessing and having to think about what to do next. The plan will already set up for you, so you only have to think once, and then simply follow through. It defines the term ‘being your own boss’.

Sit down once a week, and try scheduling your meal’s, exercise, personal time and sleep.

Make yourself accountable and remember, It is normal to fail and pivot as you go along. The important thing is that you keep going until you find what works best for you and your routine.

Ask Yourself:

  • Do I organize my day using a calendar, or do I just go with the flow?
  • Do I have 15-20 minutes a week to sit down and plan m week ahead of time?
  • Will following a schedule I can commit to give me more peace of mind during the week?

6. Healthy Meal Replacements On The Go

Today, we live in an era where we have a shortage of time, and are constantly commuting back and forth between multiple destinations throughout the day.

People are looking to save more time and energy, which is why natural meal replacements can be a great solution for your busy routine.

There are hundreds of healthy alternatives that you can take on the go, and can save you from prepping meals during the day. 

Whether you are away from home, traveling or need a snack in between meals, carrying healthy bars, and meal replacements might just be the answer for that crazy routine of yours.

Ask Yourself:

  • How much time will meal replacement bars or snacks save, vs preparing a meal?
  • Have I looked at healthy meal alternatives that I can take with me?

7. Start Supplementing

Ensuring you get the right nutrition, can help you perform the way you are built to, both mentally and physically.

Unfortunately, even the healthiest food choices cant always supply us with everything our bodies need to function optimally. This is where supplementing comes in.

Supplements come in small enough containers which makes it easy to carry and bring with you.

When taking supplements, it is important to make sure they are good quality and contain all your required essentials that will boost your immune system in order to prevent any illness that may slow you down. Taking a multivitamin over individual vitamins can also save you time and money.

Certain vitamins and minerals also help reduce stress by promoting better brain function, which can help improve memory and even prevent anxiety, as well as depression. 

There are hundreds of products on the market today that fall short of their promises, and contain fillers and additives that can be harmful.

Supplementing works wonders if taken consistently. Always follow the labels recommended usage, and always consult with a doctor if you are unsure of a particular product.

Ask Yourself:

  • Am I taking all the nutrients my body needs regularly?
  • Have I considered supplements and will they help me reduce health risks in the future?

8. Choose Healthier Foods At Restaurants

A busy lifestyle will most likely land you at a restaurant, that is why it is important to build awareness around what you eat when you are there.

The typical restaurant menu will contain a minimum of 10 items, and you are bound to fall for that juicy burger or steak at some point.

Not to say that you cannot treat yourself now and again, but be sure to avoid eating food that you know will compromise your health.

Be selective of what restaurants you go to, and make sure you have a large variety of healthy choices available on the menu. 

Remember, what you eat is one of the most important factors when it comes to health. Avoiding unhealthy, processed foods will help prevent diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other risks that cause long term complications. 

Ask Yourself:

  • Do I fall for foods at restaurants that compromise my health?
  • How often to I go to restaurants, and are there healthy options on the menu?
  • Can I consider changing where I go out to eat, where there are more healthier choices?

9. Stay Organized

Keeping up with healthy choices daily has everything to do with the way we think, and own our day!

Had you ever had a time where you just needed to clean and organize your living space? Most likely, you felt like you just took in a breath of fresh air.

This is because our brains structure thoughts like computers. This is why staying organized helps us think clearer, and make better decisions throughout the day.

Staying organized will not only help you make better decision’s throughout the day. but is one of the best ways to stay healthy under stress.

Ask Yourself:

  • How can I get more organized?
  • Have I considered writing down a list of “to do’s” that I can look at everyday?
  • Will structure and organization help me stay on tack?

10. Set Goals and Deadlines

If you aim at nothing, you are bound to hit it every time.

Goals are essential to success when it comes to health, along with tracking your progress.

Even if you miss a goal that you set for yourself, you are way more likely to improve than if you didn’t set the bar high for yourself.

Whether it’s losing weight, going to bed earlier, committing to exercise, or quitting bad habits, we all need victories to feel encouraged and build self-belief.

Be sure to track your progress, and do not be afraid to reward yourself every once and again for those victories.

Ask Yourself:

  • Do I set goals, and if not then why not?
  • Are the goals I set realistic, but challenge me to work hard?
  • Do I track my progress and reward myself for my small victories?

Take Away

Working these tips into your hectic lifestyle can help you get on track with your health if put into practice consistently over long periods of time.

To avoid overwhelming yourself, try just one or two of these tips for the first 30 days and remember to set goals while tracking your progress.

Once you made a few of these practices into habits, you can then keep stacking them as your capacity grows, and they become an adaptive part of your routine.

Be sure to set goals and track your progress so that you can reward yourself for your victories.

And Lastly… remember that it is okay to fail and adjust, as long as you keep trying until you find what works for you and your routine.