8 Health Tips For Men With Busy Schedules

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One of my greatest challenges when being on the go all the time as an entrepreneur and professional was staying on track with my health in the midst of my day to day grind.

I didn’t want to make just another health tips for men article that you will read and forget, I had to make sure I included the one ingredient that gets missed.. time and time again. That ingredient is ACTION!

You can look up every health tip out there, and none of it will matter unless you implement new habits daily, and forge health into a lifestyle through daily action. This is why we included some practical steps at the end of each tip that you may find helpful.

1. Become A Morning Warrior

You hear it time and time and again, the early bird gets the worm! Studies say that over 90% of executives wake up before 6:00 am during the week and over 50% of self-made millionaires are up 3 hours before their day actually begins.

Here are some benefits of waking up early that have been shared through multiple publications:

  • Reduces And/Or helps you deal with negativity
  • Increases chance of success
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduces stress
  • Boosts creativity

There is a hidden superpower in waking up early, and a hand full of successful people have validated this time and time again.

Learning to tackle the day early can allow you to enter the busy flow of your day with a positive mindset.

It can help avoid rushing which often leads to a bad attitude, that can pour into every aspect of your day.

Action Tip For Waking Up Early:

If you do not wake up early already and struggle with your alarm clock, you can start by reading this article.

  • Sit and write out a plan to trim however many minutes it will take for you to achieve a desired early wake time. Plan this into your schedule for the next 3 weeks or 21 days(this is how long it takes to create a new routine). 

    [Example: If you wake up at 9:00Am, you will need to trim 5 min daily, 20X to wake up at 6:00Am.]

2. Make Sleep A Priority

Sleep is just as important as diet and plays a huge role when it comes to improving quality of life.

A good night’s sleep will improve both physical and mental health. 

Proper sleep helps prepare your body and mind for the next day, forming new pathways in your brain which help you learn and remember information.

Part of getting the most out of your rest is making sure you achieve a deep sleep, which is accomplished by achieving a full Rapid Eye Movement (REM) cycle.

This stage of sleep is responsible for developing short term memory by organizing thoughts, kind of like a computer organizing data.

According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, a good night’s sleep can prevent the risk of stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney disease.

Muscles are able to heal, accompanied with proper hormone development of your immune system which is responsible for fighting off diseases and illness.

Action Tips For Getting A Good Night’s Sleep:

  • If think that you aren’t getting a proper night’s rest, then making changes and learning how to get more deep sleep at night can help you build awareness of your patterns.


  • Create a sleep schedule that is consistent and ensures that you get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night so that you can achieve a full sleep cycle.


  • Avoid eating late so that you avoid waking up and disrupting your sleep at night.


  • Screen time before bed can mess with your sleep cycles because it prevents Melatonin production, which is responsible for helping you get to sleep. Cut all gadget use at least 1 hour before bedtime

    Stay consistent, and treat you sleep schedule like your life depends on it…because it does!

3. Start Exercising Regularly

No matter how many times we hear it, exercise will always be on a list of any health tips. 

According to studies done at Harvard University, exercise not only impacts our physical health but provides many benefits including memory improvement, as well as our thinking skills. Regular exercise can also help prevent the risk of dementia in the future.

Researchers at the University Of British Columbia found that 115 million people will have dementia by 2050 worldwide due to lack of exercise.

By exercising only 30 minutes daily, you can prevent diseases including stroke, cancer, including type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Physical activity can also stabilize testosterone levels in men, as well as improve sexual performance.

Action Tips For Adding Exercise Into Your Routine:

  • If you don’t exercise already, look at your calendar and carve out 30-45 minutes of any physical activity. You don’t have to do anything overly difficult, keep it basic.

Basic activities can include: 
– Brisk Walking
– Jogging
– Stationary Exercise such as: Push-ups, sit ups…etc
– Cycling
– Hiking

Pick something you can enjoy and stay consistent with over a long period of time, and devote a minimum of least 4-5 days a week.

4. Give Yourself A Day Off

If you are anything like me, you might find this one to be a challenge.

I give you applause for being ambitious, hard-working, but even champions like rocky need to time to rest, and include relaxation into their busy schedule. This will not only allow you to recover, but perform better when facing the next set of challenges ahead. 

Taking a day to rest can help renew your mind, as well as give our attention to the priorities in life such as our families, relationships and the things we enjoy doing.

Ever heard of the law of diminishing returns? Without proper rest at least once a week, it is easy to burn out and crash which will take a negative toll on your performance to complete tasks.

Now when we say rest in this article specifically, I don’t mean sleep all day, lay on the beach and be a vegetable.

Rest is time away from your regular routine, and can include anything from traveling outside your city for the day, outdoor activities, or spending a day with your spouse.

Actions Tips For Getting Rest:

Flip through your calendar and look at what days you have off. If you don’t believe in days off, like me, then prioritize whatever tasks need completion early on, and give yourself the rest of the day to spend time with your family, or doing activities that you like, and are enjoyable.

5. Reduce Alcohol Intake

Aside from heavy alcohol use increasing various types of diseases, this poison is a master at killing our performance and health.

We aren’t talking about your occasional glass of wine or beer at a dinner here. If you are frequently drinking 2 or more drinks a day, then you increase the risk of: 

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Liver Disease
  • Stroke

Additionally, alcohol abuse can have a negative impact on your relationship and social life which can lead to negative outcomes, including:

  • Divorce
  • Guilt
  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Anxiety

Alcohol dependency is also common in people who abuse alcohol, and studies have shown that long term sexual performance is hindered as well, even after cutting a consistent alcohol habit.

Tips For Alcohol Consumption And Your Health

  • If you regularly consume alcohol, reflect and track how much you drink. 
  • If you drink more than 2 glasses daily, cut down or stop.
  • Do you think you have alcohol dependency? seek help right away to prevent further abuse which can lead to health risks.

    is a guide to help you determine how much a glass of alcohol is.

6. Quit Smoking

Recent studies have shown that more than 16 million Americans suffer from a disease caused by smoking cigarettes, and over half of them result in death.

Smoking can increase the risk of cancer, stroke, and other forms of heart disease that are life-threatening. Therefore smoking should be out of the question when pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Aside from life-threatening conditions, smoking affects your sleep patterns, your diet, and can put you at risk of gum disease. Not to mention it is overly expensive.

Tips To Quit Smoking

  • If you are a smoker, go over your budget and take a few minutes to calculate how much your habit costs you weekly, monthly and yearly. If you smoked for more than 5 years, calculate that total amount and ask yourself where you could have put that money, and what you can do with that amount in the next 5 years if you quit right now.


  •  The people that you smoke with are essentially killing you…slowly. Your association is an influence to almost every decision you make. Consider asking people you are usually around who smoke to not do it around you, or limit your time spent with them.
  • There are many treatments you can pursue that can help you stop if you are truly struggling with will power towards breaking your smoking habit.

7. Eat Smart

You are what you eat, we heard this time and time again because it is simply the truth.

Avoiding processed foods, as well as ingredients that are synthetic and not natural. Including vegetables and watching what you eat will avoid common health risks associated with poor nutrition, including:

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Obesity
  • Artery Disease

I know, it is difficult to devote more than 30 minutes to cook three times a day when our complete focus and attention is towards our professions, family, and responsibilities. 

Eating healthy is the easiest to neglect, but it is the most important.

Action Tips For Eating Smart
It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to implement a healthy diet into your routine, and we know how hard it can be preparing a good meal, so we listed a few ways you can give your health a fighting chance when it comes to food.

  • Morning Madness: Personally, this was my long time solution and takes organization. You can prepare and cook all your meals for the day in the morning, so you can think less about food during the day.

  • Choosing Meals That Are Quick To Make: You don’t have to spend hours cooking a delicious and healthy meal. Check out these 30 healthy dishes you can make in 10 minutes or less for ideas!
  • Meals To Go: Today, there are plenty of healthy on the go foods that you can simply grab from your bag chow down. Making sure you are careful and selective with the brands, you can group multiple on the go-foods together effortlessly, so you can get back to your regular schedule.

8. Add Vitamins and Supplements to Your Diet

It is very easy to miss out on the right amount of nutrients that our body needs, especially when we are in the midst of our busy lives.

Even eating a millionaire diet isn’t enough today to get the nutrients that our bodies need to fight off free radicals and prevent nutritional deficiencies.

Coupling natural vitamins such as Omega 3 and, vitamin C, along with a healthy diet, will allow proper immunity function, as well as good mental and physical health.

Vitamins and supplements will simply fill gaps where food often don’t, plus they are easy to take and hardly require any effort. No excuses!

Action Tips For Adding Vitamins And Supplements To Your Diet:

  • Explore essential vitamins and nutrients that your body needs, and think about what nutrients you might be lacking according to what you eat.

  • Before purchasing vitamins and supplements, make sure they are credible, natural, and organic. Many cheap and low budget products out there have fillers that promote more value than there actually is.

  • Create a daily habit of taking the vitamins you find are lacking in your diet.

Final Words..

No matter how busy you are, the first step to progress is eliminating excuses, and justifying why we don’t have time to be healthy.

Remember, neglecting your health can impact your productivity, and lead to long term risks that effect both you and the people around you. Your duties should never take over as a leading priority over our health. In fact, improving your health will help you to perform at your best with whatever crazy schedule you have.

These tips will only work if you do, and staying consistent and committed to changing habits can be challenging. However, following through will be greatly rewarding.

Be sure to take an hour or two to set goals, reminders and whatever you need to do in order to make health a priority.

Last but not least, make a decision now to take ownership of your health so that you can finally take the steps necessary towards performing and feeling your best.

You can do it!