What Is The Best Vitamin B12 Brand? In-Depth Product Guide And Review For 2021

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It is no secret that vitamin b12 is vital for supporting healthy blood, brain function, and bones. Taking b12 in the form of supplements can not only help adults maintain good health but can lower the risk of deficiency in seniors, pregnant women, as well as individuals who follow a strict plant-based diet.

However, finding the best vitamin b12 brand can be challenging in the vast ocean of supplements, which is why we reviewed the best vitamin b12 supplements available today.

We also answered some common questions, including how much b12 you should be taking as well as what to look for when choosing your supplement. 


Salt Lake Supplements

Vitamin B12 Liquid Sublingual Drops


Salt Lake Supplements liquid vitamin b12 is a high-quality formula that is FDA regulated and third-party tested to ensure both quality and purity. It contains no animal by-products and is completely free of additives and preservatives. 

Each bottle offers a 60 day supply with a daily dose intake of 1200 mcg. In addition, you also get 3 mg of vitamin b6, as well as niacin which further helps improve mood and brain function. Rest assured, this b12 vitamin comes in the form of methylcobalamin, which is the best form for treating b12 deficiency.

Overall, this b12 supplement is a great choice if you are looking for quality and want a reliable brand that will go the extra mile for their customers.



Go Nutrients

Vitamin B12 Sublingual Liquid Drops


If you’re looking for a supplement that offers great skin and nail support, then Go Nutrients liquid vitamin b12 is a great option. It’s fast-absorbing, vegan, and has a raspberry flavor that doesn’t taste like medicine, a problem found in most liquid vitamin supplements.

The vitamin b12 content is in the higher margins of 3000 msg per serving which makes this vitamin a good option for vegans and/or vegetarians. Many also reported improved digestion and a significant increase in energy after taking this vitamin consistently.



Garden Of Life

Raw B12 Whole Food Supplement


Garden Of Life is well known for its quality plant-based wholefoods when it comes to their supplements. This especially goes for their vitamin b12 supplement.

What we liked most about this supplement was their choice of ingredients. The primary ingredient used was from bacteria formed from ‘Saccharomyces cerevisiae’, which is currently one of the best vegetarian sources of vitamin b12.

The dosage is also in the lower end of the spectrum, providing you with 1000 mcg which makes this product a lighter option for those who don’t struggle with deficiency and who simply want to increase their daily intake.

Here, you get a 30 day supply in the form of capsules that are easy to digest and swallow thanks to their small size.




Liquid Vegan​ B12 Supplement


Yet another liquid b12 vitamin that is well known for its quality comes from BASIC GREENS. This product is formulated in the United States and made in a GMP certified facility to ensure its quality and purity.

What we liked most about this supplement was that it uses both methylcobalamin as well as cyanocobalamin forms of b12, which is best for treating vitamin b12 deficiency. In addition, it contains stevia leaf extract as an alternative for sugar, making this product a great option for people who have diabetes.

Each bottle contains 60 servings of 5000mcg b12 which is a good option for vegans, vegetarians, and seniors who struggle with deficiency.



Natures Bounty

2500 Mcg Vitamin B12 Supplement


If you like the idea of dissolving your vitamin under your tongue rather than swallowing capsules or taking liquids, then you will appreciate Natures Bounty vitamin b12 supplement. Each dose contains 2500 mcg of methyl b12, making it an exceptional choice for vegans and vegetarians who are looking to prevent deficiency. 

The dissolving capsules have a cherry flavor without leaving a nasty aftertaste when completely dissolved. We also found that a majority of users had a significant increase in mood after taking this supplement, as well as enhanced energizing effects.



LiveWell Labs Nutrition

Vegan Vitamin B12 Sublingual Liquid Drops


Another great liquid form of vitamin b12 comes from LiveWell Labs Nutrition. This supplement offers 5000 mcg of methyl b12 which is fantastic for seniors and individuals who require a higher intake due to deficiency. 

This b12 supplement is 100% vegan, lactose, soy, and gluten-free. It also has a lemon citrus flavor that is not too sweet or overpowering like most other liquid forms of vitamin b12, making it much easier to tolerate.

Each bottle comes with a 60 day supply which is well worth the price for the value.



Jarrow Formulas

Chewable Cherry Flavoured Vitamin b12


If you prefer to chew your b12 vitamin then you will enjoy Jarrow Formulas supplement. What we liked most was that it contains 100% of 5000mcg pure methyl b12, which is the most bioavailable form of the vitamin. You will also find that this supplement has a pleasant cherry flavor which makes it quite enjoyable to chew. 

The only downfalls we found concerning this vitamin were that the ingredients are imported from China and not made in the same country where its manufactured (USA), which leaves us with too many unanswered questions around the ingredients used. 

Despite these facts, it has plenty of positive reviews which is why this product was able to make it on our list.



Your Best Brand, And Why!

Out of all the top supplements we reviewed, your best option is Salt Lake Supplements liquid vitamin b12. 

This product simply checks off all the boxes when looking for a reliable supplement brand that can offer quality and value at the same time. It is also the most versatile option, providing a quality product that offers more than just your needed requirements of b12.

Salt Lake Supplements simply went the extra mile while ensuring peace of mind for their customers when it comes to quality and transparency. They even scored a stamp of approval by the FDA to back it all up!


Who Should Be Taking A Vitamin B12 Supplement?

Vitamin b12 is an essential vitamin that your body needs in order to function properly. It plays multiple important roles such as supporting proper nerve function as well as helping with the production of red blood cells.

This essential vitamin is not produced naturally by your body and therefore must be consumed by eating b12 rich foods, or by taking supplements. Vitamin b12 is typically found in whole foods such as salmon, tuna, beef eggs, milk and most dairy products.

People who are vegan or are on a vegetarian should consider taking a vitamin b12 supplement. This is because strict plant-based diets will often lack sufficient amounts of vitamin b12, therefore increasing the likeliness of vitamin b12 deficiency, which can cause health complications later on. 

Studies also show that women who are breastfeeding or are pregnant are more likely to be deficient in vitamin b12, which can often lead to poor growth and brain neurodevelopment in infants. This is why supplementing vitamin b12 becomes more important since getting enough of the nutrient is a challenge when depending solely on whole foods.

What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin B12?

Man writing words Vitamin B12

You have probably heard of the importance of taking vitamin b12, but what benefits does this nutrient offer to you and your body? Let’s take a closer look.

Promotes Healthy Red Blood Cell Formation

Vitamin b12 plays an important role in healthy red blood cell formation by allowing them to remain small and round in size. This is vital in order for them to move from bone marrow and into the bloodstream at its optimal rate. 

On the other hand, when someone is deficient in vitamin b12, then the red blood cells become larger in size. This makes it difficult for them to travel into the bloodstream, and may, therefore lead to a condition called megaloblastic anemia.

May Improve Mood And Reduce Symptoms Of Depression

Many people who first take vitamin b12 supplements or increase their daily value of the vitamin often notice improvements in their mood. The main cause of this is because vitamin b12 helps metabolize serotonin, a natural chemical produced by the body that is responsible for regulating your mood levels.

One study even discovered that taking adequate amounts of b12 can reduce symptoms of depression. 

Supports Healthy Brain Function

Many adults in their senior years may experience memory loss due to vitamin b12 deficiency. This is because the vitamin plays a vital role in the development of brain neurons, which helps reduce the risk of diseases like dementia and memory loss.

Can Prevent Birth Complications In Infants

Taking enough vitamin b12 is crucial for women who are pregnant, or are breastfeeding. Avoiding deficiency will not only help the mother develop properly but can significantly reduce the risk of birth defects in babies. 

In fact, a study published in 2014 showed that women with vitamin b12 levels lower than 250mg/dL were three times more at risk of seeing childbirth defects when compared to those who met their daily requirements of vitamin b12. 

Research also states that taking sufficient amounts of vitamin b12 during pregnancy may reduce the risk of premature birth or miscarriage. (source)

Can Help Support Bone Health

Bone density can lessen in strength as you get older, causing them to become more fragile over time. This can increase the risk of osteoporosis, where the body loses bone mass, does not produce enough bone or both.

Taking enough vitamin b12 can help support bone health by increasing bone mineral density, therefore causing them to become stronger, which may reduce the risk of injury.

Improves The Health Of Hair, Skin And Nails

Because vitamin b12 is responsible for supporting healthy cell production, it becomes a key factor when it comes to developing healthier skin, hair, and nails. Taking enough of the vitamin may even prevent the risk of hair loss, nail discoloration, as well as skin inflammation. 

How Much B12 Should You Take A Day?

Below, we broke down how much vitamin b12 you should be taken in your particular age group, if you are pregnant, or are consuming a plant-based diet. 

The information we gathered will help you avoid vitamin b12 deficiency and comes from a credible and trusted health source which you can refer to here. 

Adults - Ages Under 50

Males and females below the age of 50 are to take 2.4 mcg of vitamin b12, daily to prevent deficiency. 

Adults - Ages Over 50

Both males and females over the age of 50 are also to take 2.4 mcg of vitamin b12. However, because older adults require more vitamin b12, they are more susceptible to becoming deficient. 

In an 8 week study involving 100 older adults, researchers discovered that supplementing up to 500 mcg of vitamin b12 helped normalize b12 levels in 90% of all the participants. 

It is important that adults in their senior years consult with their doctors to determine how much vitamin b12 they need on an individual level.


Children ranging between the ages of 3 to 14 years are recommended to take between 0.9 to 2.4 mcg of vitamin b12. 

The recommended intake by the National Institute of health for babies ranging from 0 to 12 months old is 0.4 to 0.5 mcg.

Pregnant And Breast-feeding Women

Because vitamin b12 deficiency is more likely in mothers and is crucial for preventing birth defects in infants, the recommended dose is higher that of a typical adult. 

Women who are pregnant and who are pregnant should take 2.6 mcg, where women who are breastfeeding are to take a 2.8 mcg of b12.

Vegans And Vegetarians

The recommended vitamin b12 intake for vegan or vegetarians does not change when following a plant-based diet. The same rules apply for children, pregnant women, and adults over or under the age of 50.

When Should I Take Vitamin B12, Morning Or Night?

There are no additional benefits to taking vitamin b12 in either the morning or night time.

However, many people who take the vitamin at night may often experience nervousness or caffeine-like effects which can make it difficult to fall asleep.  This is because b12 stimulates the nervous system while increasing the rate at which your body metabolizes serotonin, a natural chemical that increases your mood.

If your doctor prescribed you with a vitamin b12 supplement, it is important to consult with them as to when you should take it.

Does Vitamin B12 Raise Blood Pressure?

Because vitamin b12 plays an important role in the development of healthy blood vessels, there is a link between b12 and blood pressure.

Vitamin b12 does not raise blood pressure, in-fact it lowers it because it helps prevent the build-up of the amino acid called homocysteine. The vitamin helps break down the amino acid in the body, therefore lowering the risk of hypertension

Studies have also backed this up by concluding that high intakes of folic acid and vitamin b12 are associated with lower levels of blood pressure in preschool children.

What Should You Look For When Choosing Your Vitamin B12 Supplement?

Different Types of Vitamin B12

With so many supplements floating around on the internet, it can be a challenge finding a reliable brand. So, we listed some factors you may want to consider when choosing your vitamin b12 supplement.

Form Of Intake

The most common and known way of consuming vitamin b12 is through a pill or capsule. However, sprays or liquid forms are also available and recommended. These can help your body absorb the vitamin more quickly and effectively without wasting amounts of the vitamin.

Other forms of vitamin b12 include dissolving tablets or chewable, which enter your bloodstream orally. All of these can be a great alternative to pills if you struggle with digestion problems, or are looking for a more convenient way to take your vitamin.

Quality Of Ingredients

The quality of ingredients is key when choosing any supplement.

When choosing your b12 vitamin, it is a good idea to stay away from ingredients that are derived from fortified dairy sources such as milk or cereal. These are often synthetic when it comes to supplements and may do you more harm than good.

Instead, aim for a non-synthetic option that doesn’t contain any animal by-products. Even though you may not be vegan or vegetarian, this is still a wiser option because most plant-based products do not contain GMOs, are allergen-free, and will most likely be made up of organic ingredients that may provide your body with additional benefits.

Choose Methylcobalamin Forms Of B12

When out your out running around for the best vitmain b12 brand, you will notice that b12 supplements, specifically, will either contain methylcobalamin (methyl b12), or hydroxycobalamin, which is a more common form of b12 sold on the market.

Research also shows that people who are deficient in vitamin b12 and take methylcobalamin b12 normalized their vitamin b12 levels within two months.

So, Always go for methyl form of vitamin b12, as it is the most bioavailable form.


Vitamin b12 supplements come in various dosages. Most range from 500mcg to 5000 mcg, which is more than the minimum daily recommendations.

Though more than 1000mcg is considered safe, it is simply not required unless you still struggle with deficiency even while taking sufficient doses, or if you are a senior. Vegans and vegetarians may also need to take higher dosages because they lack more of the vitamin since they do not eat meat.

Your body will only absorb as much as it needs while passing any excess b12 out through your urine, which is why everyone requires different amounts of b12.