The Best Stability Ball For Home or Office. Complete Product Review

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Ever wondered how you can get out of that boring and mundane workout routine? Want to spice up your exercises while making them more fun? Or have you bought exercise balls in the past and are tired of them deflating, popping, and transforming from a sphere to an egg?

Here, we are going to be reviewing 9 competitive products in order to guide you in finding the best stability ball for your daily needs. We also created a friendly guide that answers some common questions around the topic of stability balls, their benefits and more!


Live Infinitely Stability Ball

Sizes: 55, 65, 75, 85, 95 (cm)
Capacity: 2200lbs
Colors: 6


The Live Infinity exercise ball is a great product if you are after quality. This ball can support up to 2200lbs. The ball is also tested to withstand bursting with up to a 2cm cut, and pressure of up to 600lbs.

What we liked most is tt uses professional-grade PVC material, which is free of any toxic components, latex, metals, and BPA’s, making it safe for children and pets.

Inside the box, you get a hand pump, 2 air plugs, a valve remover, and a free workout Ebook to help you get started. This ball is also available in 6 colors and comes in sizes ranging from 55 to 95 cm.



URBNFit Exercise Ball

Sizes: 45, 55, 65, 75, 85 (cm)
Capacity: 200lbs
Colors: 11


The URBNFit is a gym grade stability ball that uses high-quality PVC material that is eco-friendly. It comes in 11 colors and 5 sizes ranging from 45 to 85cm.

We liked how they included a paper and digital workout guide to help you get more exercise ideas that you can integrate into your routine. The pump was also good quality and makes it quick and easy to inflate your stabilizer ball without any hassle.

Overall, this is a great ball for fewer intensity workouts since it only supports up to 600 lbs. I personally believe it is more appropriate for office use or birthing if you are undergoing pregnancy.



DYNAPRO Exercise Ball

Sizes: 45, 55, 65, 75 (cm)
Capacity: 2000lbs
Colors: 4


The DNYNAPRO can hold air longer than most stability balls on the market, without having you to top it up as frequently. It can support up to 2000lbs, allowing for heavy weighted exercises, and has non slip ribs for extra grip.

What we love about this exercise ball is it doesn’t contain any toxic PVC material. The shell is also very thick, making it resistant to any sharp objects that may be laying around on the floor.

Included with the ball is a pump, two extra air plugs, and a plug remover. You will find that the stability ball is easy to inflate and takes less time than most other products on the market.



Trideer Exercise Stability Yoga Ball with Base

Sizes: 65, 75 (cm)
Capacity: 2000lbs
Colors: 7


This is another stability ball that comes with a base to help prevent rolling during your workouts. It is rated up to 2000lbs and uses hypoallergic materials that are odorless.

Included in the box is an inflation tool, pump, plug, and plug remover. Additionally, you also receive a measuring tape to help you accurately fill the ball to the right size. 

Overall this is a great quality product that comes in sizes ranging from 45 to 85cm and a variety of amazing colors. Whether you are looking to exercise, or you’re looking to replace a chair at your desk, this stability ball will do the trick.



REEHUT Exercise Ball

Sizes: 55, 65, 85 (cm)
Capacity: 1100 lbs
Colors: 3


If you are looking for a robust and tough stability ball, the REEHUT is a great choice. The material is made of premium gym grade PVS which provides grip and prevents slipping and does not deform over time.

This ball can resist weight for up to 1100 lbs which is less than most premium PVS materials. This ball hasn’t caused any issues in terms of breaking or deflating according to the majority of people who purchased it, and there are plenty of great reports in terms of quality.

Included, you get a workout guide, a pump, and a plug remover. The ball is also available in 3 sizes, from 55cm to 85cm for both shorter and taller individuals. 



Arteesol Exercise Ball

Sizes: 65, 75 (cm)
Capacity: 1100lbs
Colors: 8


The Arteesol is an extra thick stability ball that supports up to 1100lbs without bursting. The material uses a honeycomb structure which helps handle more abusive workouts and was completely redesigned by the manufacturer to be 2mm thicker than all their previous versions. You will also find that the material is non-sticky, and provides extra grip using slip-resistant rings. 

Included with the ball, is a pump, 2 plugs, and a plug remover. Many buyers reported the ball to be very easy to inflate with an additional air plug that comes in the package. 



SoAlpha Premium Exercise Ball

Sizes: 65 (cm)
Capacity: 600lbs
Colors: 1


What we liked about the SoAlpha exercise ball, is it comes with a pair of 15lbs resistance bands. in addition, you also get a stability base to help the ball stay locked in place if you want to perform workouts, or use it as a seat without rolling.

This stability ball also has anti-slip rings to help with grip. On the downside, this ball can only support up to 600lbs of weight which may limit you depending on how much weight you require it to sustain. It only comes in one size, measuring at 65cm, accommodating average-sized individuals.



Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball

Sizes: 55, 65, 75 (cm)
Capacity: 300lbs
Colors: 3


If you enjoy doing yoga, this is the best yoga ball we found available. The Gaiam Total Balance stability ball is a great option for individuals who are not looking to use weights or be very aggressive during their workout routines.

The materials used are free of toxins and is durable against sharp objects to help prevent puncturing. The ball can only support 300lbs, however its low impact, and is designed to strengthen your core effectively by properly targeting your center point of balance.

All in all, this is a great value if you don’t want to take your exercise ball to the extremes. You also get a free 105-minute training DVD to help you get off on the right foot! 



SmarterLife Exercise Ball For Yoga

Sizes: 45, 55, 65, 75 (cm)
Capacity: 2000lbs
Colors: 10


The SmarterLife Exercise Ball is made from professional grade PVC, which is free of any toxins and 6p metals. The material is extra-thick and can withstand bursting when rolling over sharp objects or corners. You will find that the PVC is non-sticky and non-slip, which helps prevent attracting hair and dirt.

Included is a hand pump, ball air plugs, and a plug removal tool. in addition, they also threw in fool-proof measuring tape to help you size the ball appropriately when inflating it. 

Overall this is a great quality ball that comes in 10 unique colors and 4 sizes, ranging from 45 to 75cm. This is a great value for the price that won’t leave you disappointed. 



Our Choice And Why

Conclusively, our favorite stability ball has to be the Live Infinitely Stability Ball

It has a highly competitive weight rating of 2200lbs and uses a professional and quality grade, non-toxic PVC material, making it safe and eco friendly.

It has by far the best burst resistance and comes with a 1-year unlimited warranty, which indicates that the company is confident in the value this product brings to its customers.

The ball is available in 5 sizes and 6 colors, giving you a wide variety of choices to suit your needs, and all for an impressive price!


Why Should You Use A Stability Ball?

Stability balls, also known as exercise or yoga balls, are designed to make your exercises more challenging, by forcing your muscles to work harder. They can increase the intensity of your workout without having to add more sets or repetitions, therefore promoting better fat loss. This can be effective when trying to lose love handles or stubborn fat in other unwanted places.

Exercise balls can be coupled with all kinds of different workouts, including lifting weights, yoga, pilates, and core exercises such as sit-ups and crunches. They can also give you a more variety of different exercise routines, which can help keep your sessions more interesting. 

Aside from exercise, you can even use a stability ball as a seat for your home office, or while watching television. They can even be used by women during pregnancy.

Stability balls can be both a very fun and enjoyable piece of equipment to use around in your home, office or gym. The possibilities are endless to what you can use a stability ball for.

The Benefits Of Using A Stability Ball

Helps Increase Core Strength

When performing exercises where you are balancing on a stability ball, your core muscles including your abs and abdominal area are engaged the entire time. These are called stabilizer muscles, which are used to prevent falling or tipping over.

Simply practicing sitting and balancing on an exercise ball will help you strengthen your stabilizer muscles over time, and improve your core strength.

Helps Improve Balance

Because a stabilizer ball builds you build muscles around your abdominal and lower back, they will improve your ability to balance. When all your muscles are working together as they do when using a stability ball, you improve body posture and core strength. This plays a large factor in your ability to balance.

Improves Spinal Health

If you have back problems, using a stability ball can be beneficial. The ball will help support your lower back and help stretch your spinal muscles, which is equivalent to what back therapist suggest you do.

Additionally, the back support which exercise balls provide for you can help you avoid further injury.

Improves Posture And Flexibility

Exercise balls will help maintain the natural curvature in your back, which helps support flexibility and proper posture. This also helps your back from arching, which helps protect your spine from injury.

Increases Overall Muscle Strength

Remember when you went for your first run and wondered why your entire body was sore afterward? This was due to all your muscles working together to support balance. The same thing happens when you use a stability ball.

Even while doing an upper body workout such as dumbbell curls, you are using your core, legs, back, shoulders and arms to help you keep afloat. As a result, you will build muscle strength all in every muscle group, not just your upper body.

Provides More Variety Of Exercises

As mentioned earlier, using a stability ball can give you a wider range of exercises. You can even do various combinations to target multiple muscle groups at once.

For example; you can perform flys while rolling back from an incline to a flat laying down position for every repetition that you do. 

Now that’s multi-tasking!

Encourages Better Pregnancy

A stability ball can be helpful for women during pregnancy. It can help encourage the pelvis to open while helping to release the tension on the lower back.

What Size Stability Ball Should I Use?

Stability balls come in many sizes. Balls are often sized in centimeters, and companies will typically color code them to help customers differentiate the different diameters.

The size of the stability ball you should choose depends on a few factors, including comfort, portability, and body size.

To help you find the best size for your height, we created a sort guide below which you can refer to when choosing your exercise ball:

  • Individuals who are shorter than 4 ft 5 inches – 30cm ball
  • Individuals between 4ft, 5 inches to 5 ft – 45 cm ball
  • Individuals between 5 to 5ft, 5 inches – 55cm ball
  • Individuals between 5ft, 5 inches to 6 ft – 65cm ball
  • Individuals who exceed 6ft – 75cm ball

Note; These measurements are to only be used as a guide. Remember that you can choose your own preference as to how big or how small you want your ball to be, and almost all products will come with a guide to help you determine the appropriate size for you.

How do I know If My Exercise Ball Is Inflated Enough?

When you purchase your ball, you should go over specific instructions that help you determine the maximum size the ball should be after inflating it.

As for the amount of firmness or softness, you should feel some give when you sit on it. The ball should provide you with enough support, without having to throw you off or making you sink into it like a sponge.

You can also do a bounce test by putting the ball on a hard surface floor. Next, sit on the stability ball at a 90-degree angle, with your weight evenly distributed. Try bouncing slightly. If your hips, shoulders, and ears are still at a vertical line while sitting at a 90-degree angle, then it passes the test. If not, you can adjust the amount of air.

How To Choose The Best Stability Ball

Weight Capacity

Ensuring your ball supports your weight is important in order to get the most out of your workouts. Luckily, most balls on the market can support weight ranging from the 300’s all the way to the 2200s. This is extremely helpful if you are considering lifting weights, or performing more aggressive exercises.

Never the less, be sure to double-check the weight capacity by referring to the box or manual the ball came in. I also like to do extra research by reading reviews and testimonials to see whether or not anyone had any issues with the product.

Material Used

Most stability balls are made from PVC (poly-vinyl siloxane) and may contain toxic materials such as synthetic latex and other BPA Heavy materials. These can envoke allergins and may not be safe for your family when coming into contact with the ball. 

Go for materials that are free of toxins and that are made of hypoallergic compounds and avoid metals or latex.


Choosing a durable ball is a must. With the amount of weight and abuse that it will take from supporting weight, bouncing, and potentially being tossed, durability will ensure that you get many years out of your ball.

Durability can also count as a safety factor while lifting weights and balancing. You will be relying on your ball to support you without it bursting or losing air during your workouts. Ensuring that the valve doesn’t easily wear and stays secure will help prevent any potential injury.


Going with a light ball that is easy to inflate and deflate will make your life a whole lot easier when on the go. Smaller models are also much more compact and easier to haul around than larger ones. 

However, very few people as a whole have reported portability being an issue with even larger stability balls, as they are quite easy to fold and store in a carry bag.

Price vs Value

We explored a lot of different stability balls and came to see that the price does reflect quality. If you are on a budget, expect a less durable ball with a lower life span. 

Going with a mid-range to the higher quality ball will help save you time and money in the long run. However, stability balls aren’t that expensive altogether and can tend to range from $10 to just under $50.

Did you try any of our reviewed and recommended stability balls? We want to know your feedback. Leave us a comment below so we can learn more about your experience! 

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