The Best Scalp Massager For Hair Growth. Product Guide And Review

Who doesn’t love the experience of a head massage? It can help you relax and reduce both stress and anxiety. But did you know that massaging your scalp can help promote hair growth?
In this guide, we will help you understand how scalp massagers can benefit you, as well as what to look for when choosing the best scalp massager for promoting hair growthWe understand that there are power and non-power options, so we did the homework for you to narrow down the best options for both.
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Here are our top 3 products from our review! 

Best Powered Scalp Massager



Best Manual Scalp Massager



Best Budget Scalp Massager





Electric Portable Scalp Massager

The Breo is a powered scalp massager with a ton of awesome features. It has 28 individual nodes and 4 heads. It is able to perform 6 massaging skills including stretching, crimping, pushing, pulling, and grabbing, giving you a variety of techniques
What is unique about this device is the heads can be replaced with brushes, transforming this massager into an advanced face cleanser. Additionally, you can use the massager to target muscles in your neck, shoulders, and feet. 
The design offers ‘whisper-quiet’ operation, is 100% waterproof and fits your hand firmly. It also has a rechargeable high capacity battery, so there is no need for wires, making it perfect for the shower. Overall, this the full package when it comes to choosing a handheld scalp massager for hair growth.



US Jaclean

Vibrating Scalp Massager

The US Jaclean is like any scalp massager with long fingers, except this one is electric. It has magnetic tips that stimulate the nerve endings on your head, as well as the points around your temple. The handle also provides vibration therapy to help stimulate better blood circulation.
Included you get 4 attachments, two for your head (magnetic and non-magnetic), one for your face, and a shiatsu point massager to target single muscles on your body. The device is cordless and runs on 2 AAA batteries which come included. 
Overall, this is a great option if you want to reduce the frequency of migraines and headaches while promoting hair growth.




Percussion Deep Tissue Electric Massager

The Libi has a powerful massage motor that changes from shorter to longer intervals while performing rapid movements. It also produces a whopping 5000 vibrations per minute. Don’t worry, the speed can be customized so it doesn’t feel like a jackhammer is hitting your head.
Inside you get 3 massage heads, including a massage bristle for your shoulders and back. The design is compact, lightweight, and the handles are non-slip. Unfortunately, it must be plugged in to operate with an extra-long 16ft cord which plugs into a regular wall socket.



Top Pick For Power, And Why!

Our top pick for the best electric scalp massager for hair growth is the Breo Electric Head Massager. It has the most nodes and can perform 6 massaging skills that provide you with multiple custom options that best suit your liking.

Additionally, it can be transformed into an advanced electric cleanser and is rechargeable so you do not have to keep purchasing batteries. Whether it’s dandruff, headaches, stress, or you want to simply relax, this compact device simply gets the job done.

The Best Manual Scalp Massagers: Reviews



Shampoo Brush Scalp Massager

The HEETA manual hand-held shampoo brush scalp massager that is light-weight, compact, and can be used for men, women, and even your pets. The silicone brush head is soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough to give you a relaxing and thorough scalp massage
It is waterproof, so you can use it while shampooing your hair, and the handle has a nice firm feel. For the ladies who are tired of ruining their nails when washing their hair, this is a great way to stimulate hair growth in the shower.




Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

Struggling with dandruff? This is the best scalp massager brush on the market for scrubbing away dandruff while stimulating blood flow to your scalp. It has 2 different massage bristles to provide a deeper cleanse of the scalp. 
It is completely waterproof and lightweight with a comfortable grip handle so you don’t have to use your nails when shampooing your hair. You also get a choice of 3 funky colors, including green, purple, and pink.




Handheld Claw Massager


Another great manual massager is the F-King. It is made to feel like fingers moving across your head with its claw-like design and has rolling balls attached to the ends of each finger to help target the muscles. It also has an ergonomic handle that is flexible and easy to grip. 

The design is very compact, making it easy to take with you in a bag or purse. You also get 2 if you want to give one to your spouse or a friend.



Top Pick For Manual, And Why!

Our best manual scalp massager for hair growth is the HEETA Scalp Massager. For the price of 3 cups of coffee, you get a lightweight and easy to use massage that you can use on dry hair, or in the shower. You can even use it on your pets! 

Overall it gets the job done, providing you with relaxation while working your scalp thoroughly. 


What Are The Benefits Of Using A Scalp Massager?

Reduces Stress

Performing any kind of massage therapy on your head can help reduce feelings of anxiety and tension. Performing a scalp massage is a very enjoyable experience and is a great way to alleviate stress naturally.

People who take the time to perform a relaxing massage often feel rejuvenated and refreshed even hours after receiving treatment.

Improves Sleep

Because head therapy can help with anxiety by releasing tension, you may see improvements in sleep quality. A scalp massager can also help treat insomnia and increases your brain’s ability to achieve a better deep sleep cycle at night.

Reduces Headaches and/or Migraines

Studies have shown that performing any kind of massage therapy can, in fact, reduce the level and frequency of headaches or migraines. Massaging the scalp reduces muscle tension as well as contraction, which is triggered by stress and/or anxiety.  
Additional studies have shown that applying massage therapy helps lower stress hormones, blood pressure, as well as heart rate in females.

Helps with dandruff

Although massaging your scalp cant stop hair loss, using a hair scalp massager can help you achieve healthy hair.

Natural oils help to moisturize your scalp by promoting better blood delivery to your follicles. This can not only prevent dandruff and promote hair growth but can also eliminate dead skin cells. 

Performing a massage to your scalp will allow more blood to flow to the scalp while relaxing the muscle tissue around the hair follicles, allowing your scalps natural oils to be released, therefore providing your scalp with an additional layer of moisture. 

Does Massaging Your Scalp Really Help Stimulate Hair Growth?

Hair loss doesn’t only affect men, but women as well. If you are starting to see hair thinning, then a hair scalp massager can be your best friend. Studies have shown that if you massage your scalp for a minimum of 3 minutes a day can help reverse genes that contribute to hair loss. 

Using a scalp massager will increase blood circulation to the scalp, supplying the hair follicles (or hair roots) with nutrients, therefore promoting hair growth.

How Often Should You Massage Your Scalp?

When you massage the scalp when showering with warm water, you will allow the pores to open up, which enhances blood flow to the hair follicles. This allows them to open more so that more nutrients enter the follicles for healthy-looking hairYou can even mix in vitamin e oil with your shampoo for even better results.

It is recommended that you massage your scalp for at least 3 to 5 minutes daily. According to dermatologists, doing so will ensure that enough blood reaches the follicles, therefore promoting hair growth and reducing flakes caused by dead skin.

How Do You Choose The Best Scalp Massager?

Massage Techniques

Scalp Massagers can offer different techniques that provide their own unique benefits. 

Kneading is a method that compresses the soft tissues in your scalp against each other or your bone structure. This technique is good for relieving pain, knots, and helps increase the flexibility of your muscles.

Percussion is a scalp massage technique that involves rapid movements that target your scalp muscles and helps stimulate blood flow, as well as increasing skin scalp flexibility.

Vibration is a feature found in head massagers that are designed to fit like a helmet. This technique helps to relieve aches and pains by warming up the muscle and increasing blood circulation to the affected area.


Heat is a powerful feature that also promotes better blood circulation. It increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that are delivered to both the scalp muscles as well as the hair follicles.
Most head massagers that look like helmets will often have this feature, so I would recommend you aim for this design if heat is important to you.

Power vs Non-Power

Scalp massagers that are power operated, offer a much deeper and more effective massage for enhancing hair growth. 
Manual options can include small kneading bristles or nodes that can perform different techniques depending on the model. They usually have rechargeable batteries that are sealed and enclosed, allowing for use in the shower.

Non-power options have fewer features but are still effective. It will take a bit more effort to get a good massage, but can save you the hassle of having to charge it all the time. They are also far less expensive. 


The most common kind of scalp massager you will find are handheld. These are the most popular and come in power, as well as non-power. You can find them in the form of a handle which has arms that act like fingers that you brush through your scalp.

Another popular handheld option is a shampoo brush design. These usually have large grooves made of silicone or rubber which can be used in the shower with your favorite shampoo or conditioner. 

The main benefit of handheld scalp massagers is they are compact, making it easy to take with you when traveling. They are also lightweight and affordable.


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