What Is The Best Foot Massager For Plantar Fasciitis? Your Complete Guide!

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If you stand on your feet all day, are a senior or overweight, there is a high probability that you may have experienced heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. If left untreated, the pain often worsens, making it a awful experience. 

Neglecting the condition may lead to more severe issues such as plantar fasciosis, which prevents your foot from healing properly.Luckily, you can eliminate pain caused by plantar fasciitis, as well as avoiding further foot problems using a foot massager

We searched to find the best foot massager for plantar fasciitis, so that you can treat common symptoms from the comfort of your own home. You will not only save money, but time, by avoiding constant trips to see a therapist.

Our Top Pick


Shiatsu Foot Massager

If you are looking for a foot massager that provides multiple modes and features, the Bodessy Shiatsu is a great option. It targets the heel, midsection, top, as well as the ball of your foot.
There are 5 modes to choose from with different features working together, including compression airbags, heat, and shiatsu massage. Each mode also alternates the time in which it massages, and stops, giving you a more realistic foot therapy experience. You can also control the intensity of each mode to suits your liking.
You can control each function with either the touch interface on the unit itself or a remote control that comes included, so you don’t have to bend down to change the controls. The foot massager also has a 15-minute timer which turns the machine off for safety. To keep it clean, the inner lining can unzip and can either be hand or machine washed using cold water.

What Customers Are Saying

Many customers say that this massager helped with neuropathy and poor blood circulation. Users also reported fast shipping and said they received the product in as little as 2-3 days.




Shiatsu Foot Massager

If you are looking for a deeper shiatsu massage for you heal and want to reduce neuropathic foot numbness, then the Renpho is a great choice. It also offers foot reflexology that targets specific areas of your foot which help relieve stress and tension within other areas of your body.
The touch buttons on the unit allow you to control both the kneating and airbag with 3 intensity modes, as well as duration and heat to help increase blood circulation. You can set the auto shut off timer to either 15 or 30 minutes, and the unit can be easily washed by unzipping the inner cloth cover.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have sensitive feet like this massager, and find the settings to be perfect if you are just starting therapy. Many reviewers with plantar fasciitis reported significant pain relief after using this product.




Shiatsu Foot Massager

If you want a more aggressive foot massage experience, the Nektek shiatsu foot massager will do the trick. You can change the modes with your toes so you don’t have to bend over, making it easy to control if you have mobility problems. It offers 6 massage heads and 18 massagers nodes that immerse your foot,  for a complete massage therapy experience.
You can adjust the height up to 3 levels to suit your sitting position and the design is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for travel. On the downside, this massager is not ideal for individuals who have high arches.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers  mentioned back pain relief when using this foot massager. A few individuals even mentioned using it for their calves and hands.




Shiatsu Foot Massager For Plantar Fasciitis

The Belmint is another very compact and portable foot massager that can reduce pain from plantar fasciitis. This unit only has one mode using 18 powerful massage nodes. It includes built-in heat for your entire foot which helps enhance blood circulation.
The curved design allows 6 segments of heel kneading nodes to massage all sections of your foot, ensuring that it targets all points. Press the start button with your foot initiates the massage, without having to bend down to turn it on. For safety, the unit turns off after 20 minutes once its completed its full therapy cycle.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who purchased this product had significant relief from plantar fasciitis. A few reported the machine to be too aggressive if you have never received foot massage therapy.




Shiatsu Foot Massager

The Triducna is a good option for getting rid of aches and knots. You can control up to 3 levels of air compression, as well as 3 different speeds for the intensity. The massager rolls and presses the ball of your foot to help reduce pain caused by standing for long periods of time. 
What is unique about this shiatsu foot massager is it contains many ergonomic massage nodes, which helps to target all your acupuncture points. It also provides heat to help with better blood flow. The touch-sensitive panel offers 3 levels of air compression and 3 levels of speed intensity
For safety, you have the option of either a 15 or 30 minute shut down timer. You can also clean the inner by unzipping the foot sleeves, it and washing it using cold water.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who use this product reported effective relief from plantar fasciitis. They also love how lightweight it is which makes it easy to move. However, it is a bit bulky. 



Our Top Pick, And Why!

Our top pick from our best foot massager for plantar fasciitis review is the BODESSY shiatsu foot massager.
We based out choice on a few key factors. First, it has 5 different modes where 2 of them target the heel area, making this massager perfect for alleviating pain caused by plantar fasciitis. It provides intensity control as well as heat, which helps to increase blood flow to your foot muscles, which enhances healing. It also comes with a remote, which allows you to control all the settings.
Lastly, it is easy to clean and supports sizes up to 12US for individuals who have larger feet. This is a perfect massager for treating problems associated with plantar fasciitis, as well as other foot conditions that may cause foot pain.


What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common cause of pain located around the heel. The plantar fascia is a flat band of muscle tissue, reaching from your heel, to your toes. This tissue is responsible for supporting both the muscles and arch of your foot. 

When this muscle stretches to a certain extent, it can cause small tears which lead to pain, as well as inflammation of the heel. This is what causes pain and discomfort when pressure is applied to the foot.


You may experience a sharp stabbing pain behind the bottom of your foot, mainly on the heel. In some cases, you may also feel pain at the front of the heel bone where the foot arches. 

Typically the pain is most present when you first stand after resting for a long time and gradually decreases as more blood flows to the heel of your foot. 


The most common causes of plantar fasciitis are being overweight, aging, or if you walk and stand for long periods of time.  Wearing high heels, worn out shoes, have flat feet or a high arch, can also increase the amount of pressure on the heel which can lead to the condition.


The first step is to attempt physical therapy. This can include using foot massagers or visiting a massage therapist to help relieve pain and enhance healing of the torn muscles around the heel.
If the pain is unbearable, a doctor may recommend a steroid injection. This treatment will reduce pain and inflammation temporarily and requires you to revisit your doctor, if unresolved.
For more serious cases where the pain is at its most extreme, or if there is an injury, your doctor may recommend surgery as a last resort.

What happens if plantar fasciitis goes untreated?

The longer that plantar fasciitis is left untreated, the more pain you will experience over time. The condition can also lead to acute inflammation which can result in plantar fasciosis.
In cases of injury, it is important that you see a doctor immediately so that other foot complications caused by fractures, sprains, breaks or other injuries don’t develop.

Is A Shiatsu Foot Massager Good For Plantar Fasciitis?

If you suffer from daily pain caused by plantar fasciitis, then a Shiatsu foot massager is by far the best option in relieving foot pain at home.
Shiatsu foot massagers are designed to target all areas of the foot, including the heel where the condition is most present. Most devices provide a deep massage of the muscle tissue which increases blood flow to the torn areas of the plantar fascia, which is the ligament that connects your heel bone to your toes. Enhancing blood flow is key for helping your foot heal better, and faster.

Other Benefits Of A Shiatsu Foot Massager

Using a Shiatsu foot massager can provide several additional health benefits for both your foot, as well as the rest of your body.

Additional benefits include:

  • Improving overall circulation
  • Improving foot motion range
  • Improving joint flexibility
  • Relaxation and reducing stress
  • Can help reduce headaches
  • May reduce lower back pain
  • Can help with leg pain
  • Prevent pain in other areas down the road

How To Choose The Best Foot Massager For Plantar Fasciitis

Functional Features

Features such as heat can help increase blood flow and circulation, which can be a great benefit that helps your foot heal quicker. Some Shiatsu foot massagers may include targeted heating for your heel, ankles and upper foot , which makes them effective for conditions such as plantar fasciitis.
Having several custom options that allow you to control the speed of your massage, will allow you to apply an intensity that you are most comfortable with. Also, having the ability to control where you want the massager to perform a massage on your foot, can help you target specific areas, giving you more control.
Extra features to look for are controls that can allow you to change the settings, without having to bend down. This can make life easier for individuals who cannot bend down due to back injury, or other health conditions that reduce mobility. Some products even give you the ability to control the foot massager using your toes.


It is important to make sure you can wash your foot massager. Bacteria caused by moisture can build up to where the foot  rests, especially if you are using heat during your sessions.
Many products will have removable linings that you can hand wash, or throw in your washing machine. Make sure to clean it often to prevent the build-up of bad odor and bacteria. 


Portability can be an important feature if you are traveling, or want to move around the home. You also want to be able to store the device where you don’t require a lot of space. 
Look for the dimensions of your unit, so that you can get a good idea on whether or not storing your foot massager is easy.


Of course, you want to have your feet as comfortable as possible while getting your massage. Good quality foot massagers will have soft cushions, gels pads, or soft foam, which will enhance your experience and increase your state of relaxation.


Foot massagers with features such as heat can get warm when they run for a long time. When choosing your foot massager, make sure it has an auto-off feature in case you fall asleep or lose track of time.
Also, look for custom options where you can control how long you want the machine running before it turns off. 


The price will vary depending on the features and quality of the foot massager. Other factors such as the warranty of the product can also influence the cost, but generally, you will be spending a lot less than constant visits to your foot massaging therapist.