Are Foot Massagers Any Good For Plantar Fasciitis?

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So you may be struggling with stubborn heal pain caused by either high volumes of activity or standing for long periods of time during the day. If your discomfort is getting worse, then there is a good chance that you may have plantar fasciitis.

Pain caused by this condition can drastically decrease the quality of life if untreated. So how do you deal with plantar fasciitis?

Say hello to foot massagers!

Here, we will go over some benefits of foot massagers and how they can help you deal with plantar fasciitis. We will also answer some common questions about the condition including its symptoms and causes.

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

The plantar fascia is the flat band of tissue also known as ligament, which connects your heel bones to your toes. It is a very important part of your foot and tends to suffer the most pain due to inflammation.

When you apply too much pressure or force on your plantar fascia, it can become weak over time. It can also swell and become inflamed, therefore resulting in pain to an extent where it makes it very painful to stand or walk.

Symptoms and Causes Of Plantar Fasciitis


The most evident symptom of plantar fasciitis is intense levels of pain in the heel area of your foot. You may experience a stabbing or pinching sensation when standing or walking, especially when you first get up in the morning. 

If you don’t take any action or to treat the condition, the pain will simply worsen over time to the point where walking simply does not become an option due to the intense level of pain.


Aside from sitting or sleeping, activities such as walking, running, and standing, are directly related to your plantar fascia. 

The plantar fascia takes the most amount of stress on your foot, therefore causing it to be at a higher risk of inflammation caused by the support load of your body weight.

Below are some of the main causes of plantar fasciitis:

Your Age

Your age is one of the key factors of plantar fasciitis when you get older because your ligament tissues/ plantar fascia become weaker and are then unable to take the same amount of stress. People who tend to suffer from the condition range between ages 55, onward.

Athletic Activity

Physical exercise like running, jumping, or even walking can put large amounts of stress on your plantar fascia. It is common for professional athletes to have this condition due to high levels of stress put on the heal when performing a physical activity for long durations, which is why massage therapy becomes vital to their career.

If You have Flat Feet

If your feet are flat, then you are more likely to get plantar fasciitis. This is because the band of muscle tissue that runs from your toes to the plantar fascia is more exposed to contact with the ground, therefore increasing the amount of stress and pressure that is applied to the area. This promotes an increase of inflammation and pressure to your foot, therefore increasing the risk of having plantar fasciitis.

Being Overweight

Studies have shown that being overweight has a significant impact on plantar fasciitis. If you are overweight or are pregnant, this can increase the amount of pressure applied to your foot caused by excessive weight. The more weight that is applied to the heel area, the more stress it will take on, therefore causing inflammation.

Are foot massagers good for plantar fasciitis?

Research conducted by experts shows that massage therapy works for plantar fasciitis.

If you spending long hours at work, standing or walking, your plantar fascia will most likely take a beating. Foot massagers are one of the best ways to relieve pain and pressure from the overuse of your feet by expediting the time it takes for your foot to completely rest and heal.

So, how can foot massagers help relieve pain from plantar fasciitis?

We listed 5 benefits of using foot massagers below.

Benefits of Massage Therapy For Plantar Fasciitis

Reduces Pain By Improved Blood Circulation

Foot massagers or any massage for that matter will help increase blood flow to your muscles. This practice allowing more blood to travel to your plantar fascia, therefore increasing the number of white blood cells, as well as nutrients that travel to the muscle tissue. This helps expedites the healing process while resting.

In addition, massage therapy applied to the heel region of your foot allows toxins to break down which helps reduce inflammation in your heel. 

Can Help Feet With High Arches

If your feet have high arches, you can also experience a higher level of pain if you already suffer from plantar fasciitis.

When people have high arches, their feet have a tendency to roll inward which can cause in-ward rolling of your foot, otherwise known as overpronation. Too much pronation of the foot causes the arch to lengthen, therefore increasing the amount of stress on the plantar fascia.

Applying regular therapy with a foot massager can bring more blood flow to your arches, therefore helping the affected area heal faster while relieving stress put on the inner-bottom regions of your foot.

Stretches tight muscles

Warming the plantar fascia using a foot massager can help stretch tight muscles, allowing them to relax while they heal. Stretching the muscles can also help loosen them, allowing them to be less prone to inflammation later on. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we answered some commonly asked questions when it comes to plantar fasciitis. 

Can you use a foot massager too much?

Answer: Yes, you can use your foot massager several times a day. However, we recommend that you don’t use it for more than 30 minutes at a time. Instead, try limiting your sessions to 15 to 20 minutes.

Is walking bad for plantar fasciitis?

Answer: Any pressure to your foot while it’s affected is bad news for your feet. Walking with the condition will increase the amount of inflammation to your plantar fascia which will worsen the condition, as well as its symptoms.

As the condition worsens, the pain can become almost unbearable to the point where a person cant stand or walk. It is also advised by professionals that you wear appropriate insoles for standing all day if you are planning on walking or standing throughout the day.

What causes plantar fasciia to flare up?

Answer: There are many things that could increase the inflammation of your plantar fascia, but in simple words, anything that puts too much stress on your heel will cause it to flare up when diagnosed with the condition.

You can reduce pressure to the area by temporarily shifting your weight to the sides or ball of your foot. Seeing a doctor or qualified healthcare professional is highly recommended if you feel the heel getting worse, or if the pain becomes unbearable.

Final Thoughts

There are many treatments that you can pursue when trying to prevent or treat plantar fasciitis. Applying foot therapy with foot massagers is one of many treatments that can help and has been a proven way of effectively reducing symptoms. in many cases, foot massagers can even reverse the condition if practices consistently and properly.

If you don’t know where to start when looking for a massager, we recommend checking out an in-depth product review to help you choose the best foot massager for plantar fasciitis. This was you can narrow down your options and avoid spending hours when doing the research yourself.

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