The Ultimate Aaptiv Review – Everything You Need To Know About The Popular Fitness App

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Aaptiv defines itself as “the world’s original audio fitness brand”, offering “expert-led individualized training”. 

The idea here is to offer guidance without the cost or inconvenience of a traditional Personal trainer. It’s another iteration on the idea of using technology to make exercise and fitness more accessible, cheaper, and by keeping workouts fun and varied.

It’s certainly not the only game in town when it comes to this approach, but there’s a significant amount of interest around Aaptiv and they’ve made a name for themselves.

So, In this Aaptiv review, we’re going to look at whether this app lives up to the expectations of those who are looking for this kind of service as well as everything you need to know about this popular fitness app.

Let’s dive right in!

So, what exactly do you get from Aaptiv?

The app itself offers audio-based fitness classes, that are designed to offer individualized programming at a fraction of the price you’d see with standard personal training. That’s both the offer and the business model – so it all hinges on the quality of these workouts as to whether you’ll benefit.

The idea of a workout app does have competition, however, we also need to judge Aaptiv by its competition. The way it performs and the things it misses out on will count just as much as the opportunities it offers.

The obvious thing you’ll get from Aaptiv – the key offering – is exercise instruction and planning. It’s a way of getting structured workouts so you know what you’re doing and have peace of mind that it’ll work in harmony with your fitness goals.

The idea is to enter your goals and personal statistics (like age, weight, etc.) and select from pre-planned exercise routines that are sorted by things like duration, difficulty, and mood (music/trainer). The recorded workout guidance then leads you through your training using in audio form.

The workouts generally fall into 3 different general categories:

  1. At-home
  2. Outdoor cardio/mobility
  3. Gym-based workout sessions

The overall number of exercises is 2,500, with regular additions of numbering to dozens per week. This builds up quite the workout library and – of course – you can repeat any of the ones that you found helpful or rewarding.

Overall, this is a fantastic concept if you are looking for a wide variety of exercises. Such can include, strength training, outdoor running, and even building yoga strength without having to taking a yoga class. However, like anything, we must look at both its benefits, as well as its drawbacks.

The Pros and Cons of Aaptiv

Now, we will dive into both the pros and cons of the app below so you know exactly what to expect.

Aaptiv Pros


This is the big offering – the key selling point for Aaptiv. 

The guidance from credible and trusted experts is what they’re marketing themselves on. It’s what you generally pay for; the sense of security and certainty that comes from effective guidance. The audio guidance is also a relatively unusual format but allows you to complete effective workouts with the confidence that you’re going to get results your ultimately looking for.

This peace of mind is fantastic for those who feel intimidated by workouts or are don’t know where to begin in order to achieve their fitness goals. This is the massive power of a workout app like Aaptiv and it’s one of the key things included that we think is extremely valuable for fitness enthusiasts of every level.

Simply put, this app uses technology to make fitness more accessible, whether that’s at home, at the gym, or when you’re out running.

Convenience + Listenability

This really is one of the big selling points. As an audio service, it’s something you can pause and rewind whenever you want, but also something you can work along to in real-time. It’s a simple system but very effective, and can be a great alternative to fitness classes that entail physical coaches,

It’s going to forfeit some of the rigor of a video system or in-person coaching but allows you to workout on your own terms. This can be really useful for overcoming the feeling of uncertainty in the gym and is very discrete: people probably just think you’re listening to music.

Many people who are new to working out, or are restarting often feel a sense of insecurity about being in a gym, so this level of discreetness can be a huge benefit for beginners. Many workout communities can also often mislead you when first starting out, whereas Aaptiv guides you with the help of fitness professionals.

Aaptiv Cost

There are multiple subscriptions available through the Aaptiv workout app, ranging from monthly costs tiered by commitment. The subscriptions range from around $8 to $15/month, which is on the lower end of the spectrum when comparing to similar training programs or apps.

This is a huge saving compared to direct personal trainer support. While it obviously lacks some of the specific individualized training options you’d see from other popular workout apps like PT Hub, it also cuts the cost and offers an amazing discount if you’re comfortable with the reduction in comprehensive support.

The obvious financial benefits may outweigh the small lack of support. This also makes it a quality follow-on from personal training sessions if you’re comfortable with the basics of exercise. This is a huge benefit if you are confident enough to structure your own workouts and add your own spin.

Aaptiv Cons

Requires equipment, often

For most people, the obvious concern is paying for Aaptiv on top of the equipment or gym membership they’re already paying for. Although the price is low, it can feel like another subscription if you have a tight budget. You, therefore, have to be committed to going all-in if you want to get the most out of this service.

It’s also true that you could find some versions of similar workouts online or through one-time purchases like the old P90x systems or similar. YouTube is its own source of these kinds of exercises, but naturally, these lack the same systematic approach you’d get with Aaptiv, along with limitations and uncertainty of whether or not the person is actually qualified.

Aaptiv’s marketed as “individualized” but that’s not entirely accurate: workouts are suggested using your personal information. This isn’t the same as exercises built around you and your weaknesses, strength, needs, and goals – the kind you’d get from a real personal trainer.

This is a compromise that comes with using a workout app that doesn’t account for individual specifics. If you’ve got specific goals you can work with a remote coach, but if you’re an average joe who wants to get in shape, get healthy, and build fitness then Aaptiv’s workouts are definitely suitable and varied enough.

It’s a trade-off, but not one that’s a big enough deal if you’re resourceful and use a bit of common sense.

Lack of video-based instruction

This could be a huge positive or negative depending on your needs. The video content that some other apps offer is a huge positive for certainty and technical feedback, and Aaptiv could be seen as falling short of this. If you want this detailed guidance it could be a problem, but if you don’t want it then this isn’t a huge drawback.

You’re certainly saving money through this system and the updating of content is much more regular as a result. The pay-off of this trade is in variety, which Aaptiv certainly offers, but it may need supplementing with real-time fitness classes, or detailed YouTube-style video content if it’s something that’s is important to you.

Competitors are well-established

The competitors to Aaptiv are clearly well-established and plentiful. It’s certainly no stretch to say that the market is saturated, and there are some strong competitors that have been around for a long while.

TrainHeroic and other apps offer similar approaches with in-house sub-groups for specific kinds of training. Aaptiv struggles to compete on these lines, where it could be seen as a little generic – or lacking the same video content. However, the main benefit that really makes it worthwhile is, of course, the cost.

As with all the other cons we’ve outlined for Aaptiv so far, this is about what your personal needs are, and therefore isn’t a huge problem. It’s about what suits you, rather than a fundamental and fault of the Aaptiv app concept.

Does Aaptiv Target All Fitness Levels?

At the lower end of the market, when it comes to experience levels, the Aaptiv workout app is a great product. The range of it does drop off towards the upper end but, as you become more experienced, your reliance on the app may naturally reduce over time.

The people who need Aaptiv will not need to be concerned about this, but it’s one of the things that might limit your personal value in the product if you find that you’re already well-experienced.

This product scales well and the systems that are in place for effective weight loss, muscle gain, and other standard goals are going to be suitable for most people. If you were already an expert in fitness, however, you’d probably not be here reading reviews on fitness apps!

What Workouts Are Included in Aaptiv?

As mentioned earlier, the Aaptiv guidance list covers 2,500+ workouts, and these break down into 3 main categories:

  1. At home
  2. Outdoor 
  3. At the gym

And these workouts are spread across different goals, from strength and muscle to fitness and weight loss. These can also help to keep it all specific to your personal needs, and they’re well distributed across the different types of exercises included.

Naturally, you don’t get much strength training exercises in the outdoors section, but the overall selection is one of the big selling points.

How Much is Aaptiv?

Tier 1: Monthly

This is the most expensive option but, of course, it doesn’t tie you into the membership. This freedom comes at the cost of $14.99 per month – which we think is a good option for testing out every feature included in the product. Of course, there is a free trial included before going ahead with the purchase.

Tier 2: Quarterly

This setup is a good financial mid-ground offering short-term commitment but with a significant discount, down to an average of $9.99 per month. This is basically paying for 2 months at the higher cost, and getting a 3rd month free.

Tier 3: Annually

The annual option is $99.99, meaning a monthly cost of around $8.32, which represents another very low price. This is a large commitment, but if you tested the free trial and enjoy the product, it’s a relatively small expense to tack onto a gym membership.

You can get 50% off and check all the pricing options here.

Is Aaptiv Worth the Money?

We think it is a good investment; the value of the product drastically out-matches the cost of it, especially compared to the costs of personal training. As a tool to make fitness more accessible, it’s definitely justified by its overall quality and effectiveness.

Obviously, this depends on your personal financial situation, but it does seem to be a fantastic choice on average.

Where Can You Subscribe to Aaptiv?

Aaptiv’s own website is the place to go, but as an app, you’ll be able to sort out the specifics through your device’s app store. The website has a detailed FAQ section and customer support inquiry form.

Aaptiv Alternatives – What Else is Out There?

Alternative 1: PT Hub

We found that PT training hub is the best alternative if you’re looking for a large library of exercises and are serious about your fitness. Features include a library of over 7500 workouts, nutritional guidance, calendar tracking, and even a client admin portal for coaching others.


  • Huge library of exercises
  • Tons of features included for trainees as well as coaches.
  • 30-day free trial available


  • More expensive than other workout apps due to the extra features.

Alternative 2: TrainHeroic

TrainHeroic is a second-party hosting platform for many well-regarded training systems for those serious about their training. This offers specialist systems for the more niche systems, though the price does vary, and it can be a little less dedicated to one health and fitness system.


  • Very strong options for specific sports
  • Interesting visual media options and feedback systems


  • Mostly sports performance-related
  • Requires you to know who to go to for effective training options
  • Variable price and thus value-for-money

Alternative 3: Fitness Buddy

Fitness Buddy is a free app that is supported through the in-app purchases it offers. It includes video content for viewing and these are inconsistent – some good, some poor. The overall idea is a decent one, but the format is fundamentally different from Aaptiv and the tracking system is good, but the demonstrations are questionable.


  • Good overall idea with decent execution
  • Wide variety of exercises covered, including strength training, cardio, endurance, and building muscle.
  • Free, making for good value for money


  • Some in-app purchases are annoying for pay-walling basic and important functions
  • Demonstration footage/photos are spotty with some questionable ideas on exercise technique
  • Overall design lacks a strong theme; workout programs don’t account for individual needs

Alternative 4: Fit Radio

The Fit Radio app is attached to the Fitbit and offers some of the features associated with Aaptiv, though it leans more towards motivation than structure and guidance. It offers high-energy music more than fitness planning, instruction, and training information.


  • Motivational and wide-ranging musical choices
  • Audio content, which is a positive addition to most workouts


  • Doesn’t provide the guidance or information you’d find with Aaptiv audio workout guidance
  • Not as well fleshed-out as we’d like, lacking effective training guidance

Alternative 5: Lifesum

Lifesum is a “digital self-care app” that is primarily geared towards weight loss and improved nutrition. This sets out the intention; it’s a good choice for weight loss but doesn’t stray further into strength training, fitness, and long-term improvements with certain exercises.


  • Good for weight loss
  • Integrates eating choices/software for nutritional habits
  • Associated with health insurance providers in some countries
  • Popular and cheap


  • Very narrow scope: weight loss and nutritional habits
  • Lacks strong options for strength training and fitness workouts

The Final Verdict

Overall, it’s clear Aaptiv isn’t the only app on the market to perform this kind of function, and it’s abundantly clear that it’s got some flaws. These are forgivable since the fitness industry is pretty crowded and making technology and fitness mesh is a standard goal.

However, there are some strong benefits to Aaptiv: it offers variety, it can be a great way of feeling structured in your workouts, and the audio format can be really useful for pacing your workout. Video content is lacking, which is a huge problem for some but it can also be a benefit if you don’t want to check your phone constantly, which in our opinion is what you should be avoided if your serious about staying focused.

We love the concept and the idea of making fitness more accessible and it is is something we’ll always support! It’s a dense field but the number of consumers who choose Aaptiv is staggering and for good reasons. It simply does the job and for a fantastic price point!

We hope that this review answered all your questions regarding the Aaptiv fitness app. 

If you want to give the Aaptiv fitness app a test ride, you can click here for your free trial.

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