8 Ways Massage Chairs Can Help Improve Physical And Mental Health

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Whether you are young or old, these days almost everybody is facing some physical health problems. Furthermore, a significant percentage of the affected people opt for pharmaceutical drugs for treatment. However, people are becoming more aware of alternative treatment methods like Massage therapy. 

Massage has many benefits for the body, and many studies have also indicated that massage is a reliable treatment for various problems. However, many people aren’t able to test this hypothesis because they don’t have enough time to make massage appointments with trained therapists. 

Well, what about getting a massage chair. You may be thinking; can a massage chair improve your health? The answer is yes. Yes, modern massage chairs can be useful in many ways, some of which are mentioned in the list below. 

1. can help relieve stress

Though stress may be more of a psychological problem rather than a physical one, the implications it has on the body can lead to significant material damage. Not only does stress diminish the productivity of the immune system, but it also leads to severe physical diseases, including heart diseases, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

Stress has to be treated before it can become chronic. There are many methods to do so; however, one of the most convenient and effective ones is massage. Getting a massage at a spa, or even sitting in a massage chair for a while can significantly reduce the symptoms of stress. Moreover, it is an excellent way to relax and let loose after a hectic day at work.

2. can decrease joint inflammation

One of the most common physical health problems that many people have to face around the world is arthritis and joint inflammation. Arthritis is, in fact, the most common form of disability among senior citizens across the globe. Moreover, many senior citizens can’t use traditional treatments because of medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. 

However, massage therapy is a very effective solution for countering joint inflammation. Anyone can use massage as a treatment, regardless of their age. Therefore, personal massage chairs are a useful tool for people dealing with arthritis.

3. May help treat chronic pain Caused By injuries

Injuries are a common in our everyday life. No matter how careful you are, sometimes avoiding an injury becomes impossible. Injuries are also a common problem for athletes.

There are many ways to treat the pain caused due to a sprain, or any other form of energy, but most people opt for painkillers. These types of medications may numb the pain temporarily, but they are not an effective long-term solution. They can also have many adverse side effects that need to be avoided. 

Furthermore, as far as athletes are concerned, using traditional painkilling methods is not easy for them. Most athletes have to comply with dope tests with organizations like USADA or WADA, and painkillers can tamper the results of their experiments. Therefore, massage therapy is also an excellent alternative pain countering method for them. 

4. can help in recovery after surgeries

After any surgery, a lot of time is spent in the recovery process. Exercise is required for a quick recovery, especially after an operation of a biomechanical element of the body, such as a ligament, muscle or joint. 

However, exercising with an injury is not an option. Therefore, massage can be used to increase the blood flow to the injured area. This can accelerate healing and provide relief from the pain as well.

 Using a massage chair for a small session every day can have tremendously positive results on your overall recovery

5. Can aid the immune system

The immune system is the body’s natural response system to viruses and bacteria that can cause diseases. Moreover, the immune system is responsible for creating numerous antibodies which are essential for the active functioning of our mind and body. 

Among many other benefits, massage is also known to increase the effectiveness of our immune system. It can help us relax, and let go of stress and anxiety, which in turn results in a more active and robust autoimmune system. 

6. can Help Fight depression

Like stress, many people will also consider depression to be a psychological problem. However, in reality, depression is equally gruelling for the body as it is for the mind. Depression itself is very dangerous, and it can lead to various other damaging conditions.

Now, we know that massage is not some magical solution to depression, but if it is applied with other treatment methods like cognitive behavioural therapy, the results can be quite favourable. Moreover, antidepressants have many side effects, and many patients can develop a dependency for these drugs. Therefore, massage therapy is an excellent alternative treatment method for depression. 

7. Helps improve blood flow

Massage has a very positive effect on our blood circulation system. By stimulating specific pressure points on the body, blood flow can be improved. This can result in a lot of advantages, the primary one being a more efficient and productive lymphatic system

Increasing the blood flow to the organs and muscles can also help in healing, growth and improved performance. Furthermore, improved blood flow can also decrease hair fall, which is an added benefit of using massage chairs. 

8. May improve posture, spine alignment and flexibility

A bad posture and improper spine alignment are two of the most common reasons for numerous biomechanical problems. They can lead to backaches, neck pain, muscle cramps, fatigue and many other issues. Moreover, as we grow old, bad posture can lead to many disabilities. 

Therefore, these problems must be effectively dealt with at a younger age. It would help if you tried adding some massage therapy into your routine. Either you can make regular appointments with a qualified therapist, or if you are busy, you can invest in a massage chair. 

Targeted massage treatments can strengthen specific back and neck muscles that can improve your posture. Moreover, massage will also loosen up stiff muscles, allowing for more flexibility and control over your body. 

Lastly, we know that some online posts seem to oversell the potential of massage as a treatment, however that doesn’t mean that it is not effective at all. If done right, massage can help in the treatment of many problems.

It isn’t a complete and ultimate cure for every ailment, yet it can prove to be a very significant relief and treatment method. Therefore, try it out, and judge its potential for yourself, because there isn’t any downside to it. Even if it doesn’t seem to work out for your treatment, at least you will get a relaxing massage.