5 Natural Ways You Can Recover From Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem that most people suffer from and can happen as early as ages thirty or younger.

Back pain can be classified into two different types;  severe back pain, and minor back pain. In most cases, severe back pain can occur due to conditions such as disc degeneration, herniated disc or arthritis. 

Long term medical observation or even surgery can be required for full recovery in more severe cases of back pain, such as spinal cord injury. However, minor back pain is less dangerous and be reduced through self therapy. 

Some causes of minor back pain can include; accidents, back strain, muscle strain and condition such as scoliosis

If the pain or condition that caused the pain is severe, it’s always important to consult a doctor or qualified professional right away in order to prevent further risk of injury. However, If your back pain is minor, then you can try implementing different forms of self-therapy to better help minimize the pain.

So, to help you get started with some best practices, we will be showing you 5 natural ways you can minimize back pain.

5 Tips To Recover From Back Pain

1. Heat And Cold Therapy

Heat and cold therapy are mostly effective for back pain caused by minor injuries. Ice packs work well against any kind of pain caused by muscle strain, and can help reduce inflammation. On the other hand, a hot water bag works best for pain caused by muscle stiffness.

2. Basic Exercises

Simple exercises that can help reduce back pain can include toe or hamstring stretches, which are most effective for pain in the lower back. 

You can also try planks which can not only help reduce back pain, but can also help strengthen your back, therefore reducing the chances of any pain from re-occurring. To get the best results when planking, it is recommended to do planks for a minimum of 5 minutes a day, with 30- 45 second intervals.

3. Consider A Zero Gravity Chair

A zero gravity chair is specifically designed for reducing back pain and works best for conditions such as scoliosis.

Your spine is made up of thirty-three small bones, each of them called vertebrae. Those vertebrae give our spine a natural invert “S” shape which helps us to bend our bodies. 

When anyone suffers from scoliosis, the shape of their spine changes and can typically end up looking like the shape of a“C” , rather than an ”S”. This disease not only destroys body posture, but can also result in more severe cases of back pain. 

Regular use of zero gravity chairs and other chairs which target back pain, can also help to correct spine structure and can give its natural shape, even if your spine was improperly aligned to begin with. As a result, back pain can be alleviated over time.

The regular use of zero gravity recliners can also help you recover from back pain caused by muscle strain or tension, especially while sleeping. This is because it helps to reduce discomfort and stress in the lower region of your spine, which is the area where pain is often more present when laying down.

Some of the most popular zero gravity chair brands that are known for reducing back pain include; Lafuma and Timber ridge. These chairs can often be quite expensive. However, if you are on a budget, then I recommend going for a more affordable chair like the one’s offered by Caravan Sports.

4. Exercise In Water

Water exercises are another way you can recover from minor back pain, and can work best for conditions such as arthritis.

Being in water gives your body a relatively safe environment for working out the body muscles without over-stressing them. Water exercises can also help increase strength in your back muscles, therefore decreases the amount of pain, while helping your spine become more flexible.

Of course, it can be difficult to perform water exercise when suffering from back pain. In these cases, even a simple five to ten-minute walk in the water can make a significant difference in strengthening your back, and can help relieve pain over time.

5. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a Chinese medication that is normally used to alleviate any sort of body pain, including your back.

During an acupuncture treatment, small needles are inserted through the skin and into the muscles, helping to release positive biochemical responses to the brain.

Although there is no scientific justification for why it works, there has been enough supportive evidence showing that acupuncture can in fact help alleviate back pain. 

Last Words

Simply implementing these 5 practices will not only help reduce minor cases of back pain but can also help prevent worsening the pain later down the road.  

Remember to always consult with a doctor or professional if you find the pain is extreme, or if you are struggling with any kind of mobility involving your back. For minor back pain, you can even try combining these 5 practices or try each one until you find the one that provides the best results.